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About the Artist

The Story About Camille Cesari

I developed a love for the natural world at an early age. Like DNA, our fingerprints distinguish us from one another. The best part about fingerprints is that you don’t need a microscope to see them, they’re the perfect choice to showcase our individuality. My summers were spent in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, where natural beauty, and all kinds of creatures, were in abundance. If I wasn’t searching for fossils and ancient artifacts in the local stream beds then I was probably drawing animals. Naturally, I owned a menagerie of pets, including a horse, before I graduated high school…and naturally, I chose art as my major in college.

I was fairly uninspired through college until my year long design study in Italy. It was then that my eyes were truly opened. From the Renaissance artists to the masters of contemporary design, it was apparent that the Italians have always had an innate sense of what is beautiful. And they have always been original. It was at this time in my life that I began to take the words of my mother, ‘be original, be a non-conformist’ to heart. I knew that whatever design path I took the outcome had to be meaningful, and so unique, that people would stop and take notice. I could never be satisfied being derivative, of being mediocre. I was hoping that maybe, just maybe, I had inherited a trace of a chromosome from my Roman ancestor, Giuseppe Cesari, Cavalier D’Arpino, (an Italian painter during the Renaissance who taught Caravaggio and Bernini).

After practicing Landscape Architecture for a few years, then fashion design, I finally settled on jewelry design in 1994. I just knew this was my medium. I was convinced that through designing jewelry I could clearly illustrate my ‘point of view’. Following the ten years or so of creating one of a kind jewelry pieces and carving wax models for my rings and pendants, I stumbled upon soft wax. I played around with it and began to mold it with my fingers. I noticed a clear impression of my fingerprint in the wax and so I cast it in silver.  Loveprint was born.

What is Loveprint? I could simply say that Loveprint is your fingerprint impression taken in wax and then cast in silver or gold, but it’s really more than that. It’s not just another piece of jewelry. Other than our DNA ,it’s our fingerprints that make us distinctly different from one another. Whether it’s a father wearing his children’s prints as cuff links or a mother wearing them as charms around her neck, Loveprint is a contemporary and modern expression of the people we love. I love  the organic quality of each piece, a moment in time captured in a piece of wax… our own personal ‘fossil’. I believe that it was my early fascination with fossils, art and organic forms that led me to discover Loveprint. Taking a print that is unique to that individual and creating a lasting keepsake to treasure, is priceless.

Camille Cesari

What Loveprint is goes beyond that it is a fingerprint impression, it stands on it’s own as strong design, the essence of its attraction is its organic form. Loveprint is not machine engineered like other fingerprint jewelry. Other companies take your fingerprint impression in ink, photograph it and then a machine carves it. Loveprint, however, is taken in soft wax and then cast in a precious metal, truly your original sculpture.


Commitment to Quality & Service

We are committed to quality and service. We personally finish and trim your waxes and oversee their production. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

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