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About the Loveprint Collection

Commitment to Quality and Service

We at Loveprint are committed to quality and service. I personally finish and trim your waxes and oversee their production. I guarantee your 100% satisfaction and will speak with you personally to discuss any special requests you may have regarding style or engraving choice.

Loveprint is not just another piece of jewelry, it is a custom work of art. I have been wearing my daughters Loveprint since 2004. It is a sterling silver pendant with an 18kt gold bezel. From a distance people will notice this pendant (I wear it almost everyday) and will comment on how beautiful and different it is. When they come closer and I tell them it is a sterling silver impression of my daughter’s fingerprint they are really blown away.

Watch Camille introduce Loveprint at her Paulus Hook, NJ store.

I create Loveprint in combination with my original bracelet and necklace designs that include my hand carved toggle closures.

What Loveprint is goes beyond that it is a fingerprint impression, it stands on it’s own as strong design, the essence of its attraction is its organic form.

Loveprint is not machine engineered like other fingerprint jewelry. Other companies take your fingerprint impression in ink, photograph it and then a machine carves it. Loveprint, however, is taken in soft wax and then cast in a precious metal, truly your original sculpture.

Commitment to Quality & Service

We are committed to quality and service. We personally finish and trim your waxes and oversee their production. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

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