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Loveprint Story

I had no idea that my love of fossils, which began at an early age, would eventually lead me to creating Loveprint. Growing up in Elmira, NY in the 1950’s and 60’s offered the opportunity to spend lots of time outdoors exploring. Across the street from my home was Hoffman Creek. That’s where my brothers and sisters and other children in the neighborhood spent much of our free time. If we weren’t trying to catch minnows or frogs we were searching the creek bed for ‘treasures’. Fossils were my favorite find, I just couldn’t imagine that I was holding in my hand an artifact that was possibly millions of years old! My most distinct memory was a large piece of rock I unearthed that had several very clear shell imprints. I proudly displayed this ‘find’ for several years.

As I approached my teens my interest shifted from nature and constantly playing outdoors, to more ventures like hanging out with my friends and following boys around. Somewhere along the way I lost track of that fossil I had discovered. It wasn’t until I moved from my apartment to my home in Jersey City that I discovered that ancient piece of rock! That is the fossil you see as the backdrop for many of my Loveprint photos.

How was I able to make the connection between fossils and Loveprint? Purely accidental! I was working with soft wax, molding it with my fingers. As the wax became even more softened, a clear fingerprint impression appeared. I immediately had the idea to cast this imprinted piece of wax and create my own personal fossil! I began wearing my impression, but then thought that it would be even better to have my daughter’s print as a pendant. This way she would always be with me, no matter where I was. Once I started wearing her silver print, surrounded by an 18kt gold bezel, people began to notice and wanted one for themselves. That is how Loveprint came to be…it takes Mother Nature millions of years to create her fossils, at Loveprint we can create one for you in about 3 weeks.

Camille Cesari