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Questions About Loveprint

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers About Loveprint


My parents are elderly and I want their prints as keepsakes for all the members of my family. I would also like to be able any future grandchildren to have them. Should I have a mold made of these impressions?

Yes a mold would be recommended in this case, once your loved one is gone there will be no opportunity to take the impression again. Having us create a mold will allow the prints to be reproduced in the future any in any quantity. There is an option on your order form to order a mold, it is $45 for a fingerprint and $75 for a pawprint.

I read that it takes 3-4 weeks to create Loveprint. Why does it take so long and can I ‘rush’ it?

Loveprint is handcrafted, from start to finish. Beginning with you, the customer, taking the time to read the instructions and take the impressions. We at Loveprint then hand trim the waxes to the proper shape and size. From there the piece(s) are individually cast and then hand polished and engraved. Let us know on the order form what date you need it by and we will do our best to have it to you within 7-10 days.

I read on your site that newborns don’t have defined enough prints to show up in the wax impression material and it is best to wait until the bay is about 9 months old to take the imprints. I was given the kit as a baby gift and my baby is only 6 weeks old. Do I have to return the kit to you within a certain amount of time or else I will lose my deposit?

Your kit NEVER expires! You never lose your $50 deposit, no matter when you return the kit.

What is the difference between a mold and an impression?

An impression is what you create when you take the imprint in wax that is sent with the kit. To make a mold we use the wax impression. The mold allows us to recreate exact replicas of the original impression. These ‘copies’ are then cast in the same manner that the original impression was.

Once I order the mold, will it be shipped to me?

The cost of the mold, $45, only covers the labor and material to make the mold. The mold remains in our possession and it is stored properly, in a climate controlled environment. It is available at anytime when you chose to order more prints. If you would like to have the mold in your possession then the cost is $250 and we will then ship it to you.

Do you keep a copy of my fingerprint?

No, your wax impression is cast and then ‘lost’ in the lost wax casting method. We dispose of any extra, unused waxes that you have sent us.