The Art
of Love

Keep your loved ones close to you.

Loveprint is created when you or your loved one's fingerprint impression is taken in soft wax and then cast into sterling silver or gold. Loveprint can be a pendant, bracelet, key ring, ring, earring or cufflinks.


A Gift from the Heart

Loveprint Jewelry becomes a cherished keepsake for fathers. It captures a specific moment in time and serves as a lasting memento of their child’s childhood. As their children grow, fathers can look back at the fingerprint and reflect on the journey of fatherhood.

Family Lasts Forever

Loveprint Jewelry is CommittedLoyalResponsive

At Loveprint Jewelry, we are committed to quality and service. We personally finish and trim your waxes and oversee their production. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction and will speak with you personally to discuss any special requests.

Paw Prints

Are you searching for a way to keep your cherished pet’s memory alive forever? Look no further than Loveprint Jewelry’s paw print collection. Each necklace, keychain, and bracelet is imprinted with your pet’s unique paw print, serving as a beautiful reminder of the bond you shared. As you carry their paw print with you, you can feel their presence and the love that you shared. Let LovePrint Jewelry create a meaningful tribute to your furry companion, keeping them close to your heart even after they have crossed the rainbow bridge.

If your pet has passed and you have their paw print in plaster, or other material, please contact us, we can create a forever piece from this. 

Loveprint Jewelry Collection Designed by Nature

Fingerprints and paw prints are one of a kind and can be preserved forever. The Loveprint Jewelry Collection showcases timeless custom pieces of jewelry handcrafted in the United States. Each piece is carefully handcrafted and stands on its own as a timeless family heirloom.

A fingerprint stands alone as strong artistic design with its organic form as the essence of its attraction- and with the Loveprint Jewelry Collection it can now be cast in precious metal to create a timeless piece of jewelry coveted by family members and friends.

Loveprint Jewelry pieces are created from fingerprint or paw print impressions taken in wax and then cast in sterling silver or gold. Each impression captures a moment in time creating personal “fossils”, truly your own unique treasure.

Loveprint Jewelry is a contemporary and modern expression that showcases a person’s uniqueness. Like DNA, fingerprints display unique character while differentiating us from one another. Your Loveprint Jewelry piece can be a pendant, bracelet, ring, earring, keyring, or cufflinks.


The Loveprint Jewelry Collection has been handcrafted in the USA since 2004.

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Hear what our customers Love

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Our jewelry company is proud to use only recycled gold and silver in all of our pieces. This means that the precious metals we use have been previously refined and processed, rather than being newly mined from the earth. By using recycled materials, we are able to reduce our environmental impact and minimize the need for additional mining. We believe that sustainable and ethical practices are essential for the future of our planet, and we are committed to doing our part in creating a more sustainable future through our use of recycled materials.