Questions About Loveprint

A Loveprint is created when you or your loved one’s fingerprint, palm print, or palm print impression is taken in soft wax and then cast in a precious metal (sterling,
silver, or gold). A Loveprint can be made into a pendant, bracelet, earrings, keyring, ring, or cufflinks.

Palm prints can be substituted for fingerprints for all styles and the prices are the same for both.

Finger Prints

As a contemporary and modern expression, Loveprint Jewelry pieces capture a moment in time by creating personal ‘fossils’ that showcase the uniqueness and deep meaning of a loved one. Our most popular type of print used for the Loveprint Jewelry Collection’s custom pieces is a fingerprint. Fingerprints are best for Children and Adults from 15 months of age to adult. For babies and seniors, it may be best to consider utilizing a palm print impression instead (see next type of print below).

Palm Print

Looking for a keepsake when your child is a newborn/infant? An infant’s palm print is very defined, even at birth! It’s our best solution since newborns and children younger than 15 months do not yet have a defined fingerprint deep enough to show up as an impression in wax.

Paws Prints
Elevate your pet’s paw prints into an art form. The Loveprint Jewelry Paws Collection was created for pet lovers that want to have their furry friend with them all of the time – even when the sign reads “No Pet’s Allowed”. The one of a kind jewelry pieces are created when your pet’s paw print impression is taken in soft wax and then cast in sterling silver or gold.

With Loveprint Paws, it is recommended to use a portion of your pet’s paw “pad” rather than the entire paw print (this would be too large). 

A “Loveprint” is created when a loved one’s fingerprint impression is taken in soft wax and then cast in a precious metal (sterling silver or gold), truly your original sculpture. The Loveprint Jewelry Collections feature pendants, bracelets, keyrings, rings, or cufflinks.

The Process

  1. Order your Loveprint Jewelry piece or Purchase a Gift Card
  2. Receive your wax impression kit.
  3. Watch an instructional video and/or read the instructions thoroughly, this is how you will create the best impressions.
  4. Make your impression.
  5. Ship your impression back to Loveprint Jewelry using the pre-paid return label.
  6. Once received, your wax impression(s) will be reviewed for clarity and production of your Loveprint Jewelry piece begins, This process takes 3-5 weeks to complete.
  7. Once complete, the Loveprint Jewelry will be shipped to the recipient and a tracking number for your shipment will be sent to you. If you need your order rushed, please indicate this on your order and we will do our best to get it to you as soon as possible.
  8. Enjoy your Loveprint Jewelry piece(s) for a lifetime!

To create a custom jewelry piece, we require a wax impression of a
fingerprint, palm print or paw print. For more information on Loveprint To
Go Kits and how to use it, please visit this page here.

Loveprint Jewelry is handcrafted, from start to finish. Beginning with
you, the customer, taking the time to read the instructions and take the impressions.

Once we receive impressions back, we then hand trim the waxes to the proper shape and size. From there the piece(s) are individually cast, then hand polished and engraved.

If you need your order rushed, please contact us and we will let you know if it is possible to get the final piece back to you by your targeted date. If you order is “last minute”, consider presenting a giftcard and kit to the recipient on the day of celebration rather than the finished product.

All Loveprint Jewelry pieces are made to order and individually crafted. Further customization through engravings is available.
No, your wax impression is cast and then ‘lost’ in the lost wax casting method. We dispose of any extra, unused waxes that you have sent us. However, upon request, you can order a mold.
An impression is what you create when you take the imprint in the wax material that is sent with the kit. To make a mold we use the wax impression. The mold allows us to recreate exact replicas of the original impression. These ‘copies’ are then cast in the same manner that the original impression was.
The cost of the mold, $45, only covers the labor and material to make the mold. The mold remains in Loveprint Jewelry’s possession, stored properly in a climate controlled environment. It is available at any time when you chose to order more prints. If you would like the mold in your possession, the cost is $250 and we will then ship the mold to you.
Yes, we recommend a mold in this case. A mold will allow you to reproduce prints in the future. Once your loved one is gone there will be no opportunity to take the impression again. Please indicate on your order form if you would like to order a mold. Fingerprint molds are $45 and pawprint molds are $75.

Impression kits never expire and you never lose the payment you’ve made through a gift card or other means.

Please be advised that over time gold prices may increase dramatically based on
on the market price of gold. If this happens, the customer would be required to pay that increase.

Making a good impression in life is a worthwhile objective, the same goes for wax impressions! We have created this page and included wax impression photos so you can get familiar with what a good wax impression looks like.

We encourage you to watch our ‘How To Videos’ too, as we know this might sound complicated but it is really not! The key is getting the wax soft enough and having enough patience to repeat the imprint process (if necessary) until you get the best possible print. You can choose to take a palm print or thumbprint, or both. The Loveprint Jewelry Collection styles and prices remain the same for palm prints and thumbprints. The following examples will give you an idea of what a good wax impression should look like.


The print lines of the young child (approximately 2-5 years old) shown above are clearly visible, notice the first knuckle crease in the lower portion of the print. This detail is good to include in the impression because it adds detail and interest to the print. As a child gets older, their print will be deeper and more visible.

Please note: Newborn fingerprints are not deep enough to create a visible impression. We suggest waiting until the baby is about 15 months old, however, there is no harm in trying at any age. Waxes are reusable! Another option is using a palm print instead of the baby’s fingerprint.


This impression is of an adult, notice how defined and deep the print lines are. Typically a male’s print is deeper than a female’s. Also, notice that there is no knuckle crease and the clearly defined whorl pattern in the lower right-hand portion of the print.


Fingerprint patterns begin to wear down and fade as people grow older. An older adult’s fingerprint typically has very faint lines with horizontal and vertical creases throughout – shown in the top image. The second image very visible creases and no fingerprint lines. Sometimes it is better to take a palm print impression of a senior for optimum definition rather than a fingerprint.

Palm Prints

Looking for a keepsake for parents of a newborn/infant? Palm prints are the solution! Newborns and infants up to 15 months typically do not have a fingerprint deep enough to show a clear impression in wax. BUT an infant’s palm print is very defined, even at birth! Palm prints are also an alternative for Seniors.

Paw Prints

Loveprint Jewelry created Loveprint Paws because we know how much people love their pets too! Please see the example of a good pawprint (cat or dog) impression. Notice the depth of the print, the toes are clearly outlined, this is the most interesting part of the paw, the toes!

Sterling Silver – Sterling silver tarnishes and to clean it we suggest silver paste or silver dip. Sterling silver dip is fast working and requires very little effort but is not suggested for Loveprint pieces that include delicate stones such as turquoise. Silver paste requires more work but you can avoid delicate areas because you don’t dip the entire piece in solution. To add shine to your piece we suggest you use a polishing cloth.

14kt and 18kt Gold – Gold does not tarnish! This fact is another reason why we suggest gold (yellow, white, or rose) if your budget allows. All you will need is a polishing cloth to add some shine or remove smudges.

Vermeil (gold plating over sterling silver) – Our gold plating is heavy 18kt gold micron plating. To preserve your plating do not expose your piece to chlorine (swimming pools) or alcohol (most fragrances and colognes contain alcohol). It is perfectly fine to shower or bath with your vermeil pieces. A polishing cloth will add shine or remove smudges.